Top 5 Most Important Settings And Features For WhatsApp

Most Important Settings For WhatsApp

Hello there this Vinay and today I have something very interesting for you. In today’s article, I have come with the top 5 most useful settings and features for WhatsApp.

So, if you are searching for Most Important Settings For WhatsApp then you have come to the right place. I have shared the top 5 most useful settings for WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp

Today, almost everyone uses WhatsApp, but today I will tell you some important features / important settings of Whatsapp, which many people do not know about. If you use WhatsApp, then you should know this important setting. To know these features, you have to read this post by the end.

Top 5 Most Important Settings/Features

1.) Status Privacy

Whatsapp’s first feature, status privacy, you can use this feature by clicking Status> Thrind> Status Privacy. So now let’s know about the features. In this feature, you will find three options. 1) My contact, 2) my contact expect, 3) Only share with.

1.) So if you select my content, then all of you will know that the number of phone numbers that will be saved in your phone will be able to see your status.

2.) Now let’s talk about My contact expect, by selecting this option, you can select your friends from whom you want to hide your status, after clicking the green checkmark below, this setting will be updated.

3.) Now talk about the third setting (share with only) using this setting will show your status to your friends who you have selected.

2.) Two-Step Verification

Now talk about the Second important setting, which is called Two-step verification. This setting is a very important setting for your WhatsApp account. If you want your WhatsApp account not to be hacked and it is completely secure, then you must enable Two Step Verification in your Whatsapp Account.

  • Now to enable this setting, are going to Whatsapp settings> Accounts> Two steps verification Going into verification
  • you can save your Whatsapp Account from hacking.

3.) Auto Download Files

Now let’s talk about the third important setting. This setting is named Auto Download Files. You might have noticed that many times our friends send a lot of photos and videos to our Whatsapp and we do not want to have video and photos, they still become Automatic Download. So that our mobile data expires very quickly.So mobile To save data, you have to set this setting. So, let’s know how to use Settings first you will have to go to Whatsapp settings> Data Usage, after which you will get 2 options for the first mobile data and the second Wifi is.

  • First, you have to click on the option of mobile data
  • after which you have to uncheck the photo/audio/ video then click on the OK button
  • after which no file will be downloaded without your permission.

4.) Read Receipt

Now let’s talk about the important settings whose name is read receipt. Often you must have seen when someone sends you some Message in WhatsApp and when you read that massage, then there is 2 blue checkmark in the user’s chat box so that he knows that you have read his message.

If you want to read the message of that user And the user should not know that you’ve read his message.

To turn on this privacy setting for WhatsApp

  • first, you need to follow these steps: Whatsapp Settings>Account>Privacy
  • You will also see the Tick on the Read Receipt option, you just have to untick.
  • After that, if you read any message in WhatsApp
  • then it will not go to a double blue tick so that he will not know that he has read his message.

5.) Chat Backup

Now talking about the last and most important setting/features about Chat Backup. Friends, if your WhatsApp Chat is very important to you if your phone has been stolen in the future or your WhatsApp account has been deleted, all your chats get deleted and you want all your WhatsApp Chat back. You can store or save all your chats in Google Drive. So that all your chat will be safe.

On this setting

  • you will need to follow these steps: Whatsapp settings> Chat> Chat backup> Backup.
  • As soon as your chats are backed up.

So if the phone is stolen or deleted from the WhatsApp account, you can get all the old chats from your old phone, if you want it back, you can get a backup from Google Drive Are.

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Final Words:-

So this article was about the Most Important Settings For WhatsApp.Hopefully, you find this article useful and good.

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