Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Code 2024 [100% WORKING]

Airtel To Airtel Balance Transfer Code 2024

Hello, there today in this article I will be showing you How to Transfer Main Balance From Airtel to Airtel.

In the previous article, I have shown you how to activate and deactivate missed call alerts in Idea, if you have not read that post then you can read that guide from the link given here.

So, if you are searching for Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Code, then you have come to the right place.

If you use Airtel sim So, today’s post is significant for you Because, in today’s post, I will tell you how to Transfer Main Balance From Airtel To Airtel. So let’s move on to today’s post.

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Airtel is one of the largest telecom network service providers in India, Airtel has a strong network across India, and at the same time, it is also the fastest network in India which has been certified by Okla.

Airtel company provides better network stability with its strong network in villages and remote areas.

Now, if you are a prepaid user of Airtel and want to transfer your Airtel prepaid balance to another Airtel number, with the help of the Airtel balance transfer service you can easily share your Airtel prepaid Talktime main balance to another Airtel prepaid number.

Keep in mind that both prepaid numbers must be in the same circle.

This service is very useful as when the account balance of one customer is running low then another Airtel user can help in case of emergency by transferring their prepaid balance.

Using this service, we can transfer the Idea main balance from one Airtel number to another Idea number.

Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Service Charges?

To use this service, you have to pay a small service fee. Other companies like Jio, Idea and Vodafone also charge you some amount for using this balance transfer service. These charges are very minimal in terms of the service that has been provided to us as a prepaid subscriber of Airtel.

Note: These methods will not work if you are using Jio, Idea, BSNL, or any other network provider.

Now with this trick, you can easily transfer your account balance to another number. I am going to show you two ways to transfer the main balance from Airtel to Airtel.

Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer With USSD Code

You have to dial the USSD code, and within a second, you can transfer the balance to your friend or your other Airtel prepaid number.

  • First, open your phone’s dial pad and dial *141#.
  • Now you have to type “1” to select the “Share Talktime” option and then send it.
  • Then Enter the Amount you want to share with your friends and family.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the Airtel prepaid mobile number, which number you want to transfer your talk time balance.
  • You will get the details of the amount transferred.
  • Also, your friend will get a message that you gave him a Talktime gift.

Terms and Conditions

1.) You can send a Minimum balance of Rs 5 to a maximum of Rs 100.

2.) Airtel allows You can share talk time up to 5 times a day.

3.) There is a service charge of 2 to 3 rupees for sharing Talktime.

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