Idea to Idea Balance Transfer Code 2024 [Working Methods]

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So Do you want to know how to Transfer Balance From Idea To Idea? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place.

If you use Idea sim number, today’s article is very important for you because, Today in this article, I will tell you the Five very easy and 100% working methods to Transfer Balance From Idea To Idea.

You must know that Idea is one of the largest telecom services providers in India, which provides telecom network services.

The Idea has a strong and fastest network across India, Idea provides better network stability in villages and remote areas.

Now, if you are an Idea prepaid user and want to Transfer the main balance to another Idea prepaid number.

So you can easily transfer Idea Talktime balance to another idea number, using this idea balance transfer service.

What Is Idea To Idea Balance Transfer?

This service consists of two people, the first sender, and the second receiver, if your friends or family members need talk time, you can share talk time balance from one idea number to another Idea number using this service, keep in mind that both Idea prepaid numbers must be in the same circle.

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Remember, some people want to share their Idea main balance with other network service providers like Jio, Airtel, Bsnl, etc. So I would like to tell them that, You cannot transfer your main talk time balance to other network service providers.

Why is This Service Important?

This service is important when your friend or your family member needs an emergency talk time balance.

So in such a situation, with the help of Idea Balance Transfer Service, you can transfer the talk time balance of your Idea Number to another Idea Number, and help them.

Idea To Idea Balance Transfer Service Charges?

To use this service, you will have to pay a small service fee. Other companies like Jio, and Airtel, also charge you some amount for using this balance transfer service.

These charges are very small in terms of service provided to us as a prepaid customer of Idea.

These methods will not work if you are using Jio, Airtel, BSNL, or any other network provider.

Idea To Idea Balance Transfer Code 2024

Now with this trick, you can easily transfer your Idea account balance from one Idea number to another Idea number. I am going to show you 5 easy methods to Transfer Idea Balance from Idea to Idea.

Method #1: Idea To Idea Balance Transfer By USSD Code

Idea Company has made it very easy for its customers to use this service, which makes balance transfer from Idea to Idea very quick.

In this method, you have to dial the USSD code, and within a second, you can transfer the Main Balance to your friend or your other Idea prepaid number.

  • First, Open your phone DialPad and dial *191#.
  • Now you have to select the “Talktime Transfer” option.
  • Then Enter the Idea mobile number to which you want to send money.
  • Now Enter the Amount that you want to share.
  • You will get the details of the amount transferred.
Remember, You can send amounts Rs. 5 to Maximum of Rs. 50, and you can send Only 5 times/day

Terms and Conditions

  1. You can send a balance amount of Rs 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100.
  2. The idea allows You can share talk time Only 5 times per day.
  3. The idea charges a 20% service tax on the transfer amount.
  4. Note that, You can share the balance only on the Idea number, not other network operators.
  5. The service is available only to users using Idea services for at least 90 days.

The idea to Idea Balance Transfer Code USSD

Method #2: Idea To Idea Balance Transfer Code

If the above method does not work, you can use this alternative method, which allows you to easily Transfer the Idea Main account balance.

  • First, Open your phone DialPad.
  • And Dial *151*<Idea Mobile Number>*<Amount>#
  • For Example: *151*123456895*10#
  • Then You will get the details of the amount transferred.

The idea to Idea Balance Transfer USSD Code

Method #3: Idea To Idea Balance Transfer Using My Idea App

  • First, download the My Idea App from the play store, and open it.
  • Then Signup with your exciting Idea Number.
  • Next step, Tap on the Shop option and then Select the Share Everything option.
  • After that, you have to add a Beneficiary.
  • Now finally, Share Talktime.

Method #4: Transfer Main Balance From Idea To Idea

  • First, Open your Message App.
  • Then just type the below SMS.
Send SMS to 55567 with the following message: GIVE 95XXXXXXXX 28
  • Where 95XXXXXXXX Receivers phone number, which you want to send talk time, and 28 is the amount.
  • And finally, Send this Above Message.
  • Note: Idea will deduct Rs 2 as service tax and the balance will be credited to 95XXXXXXXX.
  • That’s It.

Method #5: Idea To Idea Balance Transfer

  • First, Open your phone DialPad and Dial *191#.
  • Then you will have a Popup show with various options.
  • Simply select Talktime Transfer.
  • You will get a popup screen again, in which you have to enter the Idea mobile number to which you want to send money.
  • After that, you have to enter the amount and then press Send.
  • That’s 🙂 It.

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Final Word:

So this article was a complete guide about Idea To Idea Balance Transfer, in this post, I have covered everything related to Idea Balance Transfer.

Which of these methods would you like to try first?

The best part of this article is that I have told you about Five easy ways by which you can transfer your Idea prepaid balance to another Idea number.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Idea

I hope you find this guide very good and informative, and this guide may have helped you.

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