How To Setup Conference Calls In iPhone & Android Phones

How To Set-up Conference Calls In iPhone

Hello there this Vinay and today I have something very interesting for you. In today’s article, I have come with How To Set Up Conference Calls In iPhone And Android Phones.

So, if you are searching for How To Setup Conference Calls in iPhone .then you have come to the right place.

About Conference Call

In today’s modern age, Conference Call is of great importance, because today many meetings are done by Conference Call. In Conference Call, you can talk to 5 people together. If you have to decide on a topic and you are all on it If you want consent you can do with the help of Conference Call.

Conference call-in android phone
This is a very easy task but the iPhone has some difficulty. Many people do not know about these best features of the call on how to use these features. So in today’s article about how the conference call is done.

Steps For Successful Conference Call

1.) First of all, you have to call a person.

2.) After that, you will get a menu inside the call, in which you have to tap on the Add Call. After that, you have to dial the second person number which will be placed in the first call hold. And if you are not able to see in In-Call Menu, then you can Click the keypad button. From which you will be able to view Call Menu.

3.) When the other person is on the call line. So you can tap on Merge Call to connect with the first and the other person.

4.) In this way, you can add to three people by following all the above steps in this conference call, in which you can talk to Title 5 people simultaneously.

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