How to Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy M33 – 2 EASY WAYS!

Are you looking for a complete guide on How to Record the Screen on Samsung Galaxy M33? Or you would like to know how to record screens on an Android mobile phone.

Then this step-by-step tutorial is for you, in this guide you will learn how to enable the screen record option in Samsung Galaxy M33 to capture video on the mobile screen.

Recording the screen can be useful for many reasons, such as recording the screen for tutorial videos, as well as creating step-by-step guides on doing a certain task.

After you finish recording the screen, you can save the recorded file in video format and upload it to platforms like social media( YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

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How to Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy M33

How to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy M33

In this depth guide, I have shown you two ways to successfully record the screen in the Samsung Galaxy M33.

The reason behind me sharing two methods is that if one of any methods fails then you have another option.

Screen Recorder Icon

METHOD #1: Screen Record on Galaxy M33 With Screen Record Icon

  1. First, swipe down from the top of your screen and open the Quick Panel (Notification Panel).
  2. Then select the Screen Recorder Icon, if you want to change the quality of the recording, long-press the screen recorder icon.
  3. Now you can select your preferred Sound settings like No sound, Media Sound, Media sounds, and mic.
  4. Then tap on the Start recording.

Now the screen recording will start on your phone and you will see a countdown clock, along with many options at the top of your screen such as the pen tool to make pictures, enable or disable the picture-in-picture feature and when your screen recording is finished, just tap on the stop icon button. That’s It 🙂

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If you don’t see the screen record icon in your quick panel?

Screen Record On Samsung Devices
  1. Click on the three-dot vertical icon at the top right corner of the Quick Panel.
  2. Then Tap on the ”Button Order”
  3. Now you will see the Record Screen Icon, drag it in the icon button section to include it in the Quick Access panel.
  4. That’s It 🙂 Enjoy…!

If the screen record icon is still not visible then you can try the second method to record the screen on Galaxy M33.

Because on older Samsung devices, the inbuilt screen recording option is not provided, we have to download a third-party application for screen recording.

METHOD #2: How to Record Screen on Galaxy M33 Using Screen Recording App

Screen Recorder App
  1. First, open your Play Store and search XRecorder.
  2. Then click on the Install button and open it.
  3. Now Start Screen Recording
  4. That’s It 🙂

Sometimes the screen record icon will be available in the notification panel when you install it. Also, you can record the screen manually by opening this app.

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