Top 5 Games Like Fortnite And Android Games To Play With Friends

Top 5 Games Like Fortnite। Android Games To Play With Friends.

Hello there this Vinay and today I have something very interesting for you. In today’s article, I have come with the Top 5 Games Like Fortnite.

So, if you are searching for Top 5 Games Like Fortnite and games to play with friends. then you have come to the right place.

About All This Game

You will find lots of games in the Google Play Store But it is very difficult to know which of these games would be good. So I have selected the Top 5 best game for you. You can play all these games with your friends. All this game is online and like a Fortnite game. These games are available on the Google Play Store.

Top 5 Games To Play With Friends

1.) Garena Free Fire

This is a survival game in which you have to live up to the last safe zone, which will survive the last Safe Zone, becomes the winner of that match. In this game 50 players join together, one of which will be you. And in this one match is about 10 minutes. In this, you jump down the airplane and there will be a lot of buildings on the map below, from which you can play with your favorite weapons. The graphic of this game is very nice. You will enjoy playing this game. To download this game you can do it by clicking the Download button below.

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2.) Player Unknown Battlegrounds(PUBG)

You must know about Pubg, this is also a survival game. Its graphic is very good. 100 million + of the game has been downloaded, it’s just running in trending this game, you will jump from an airplane and get down with the help of a parachute. In this game, 100 players join a match. And you get the Weapon, Grenade, from many buildings and houses below.

And you have to survive in that match till the last safe zone, and the player who will survive till the last, will be the winner of that match and the winner will get chicken dinner as a reward. It takes about 30 minutes to complete a match.

There are so many events in this game where you get Crate Coupons etc. so that you can get good outfits for your player. You will love playing this game once. You can download this game by going to the play store from the link on it.

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3.) Hopeless land

The size of this game is 328 MB, which it also runs better on phones with 1 GB of RAM. In this game, 121 Players are brought with you in the match. And you can get the weapon from all the houses or buildings by reaching down, then you have to stay alive till the last safe zone, the player who survives till the last zone becomes the winner of that match. And you can also run a helicopter with a boat, car, bike in it. You can follow the link given below to download this game.

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4.) Survivor Royale

This is also a survival Game Like Fortnite. The graphic of this game is also good. In this game, like the other survival game, there is a fight between 100 players, in which the player who survives the last Zone is the winner. And it takes about 20 minutes to complete a match in this’s The game size is around 1GB And it will Run smoothly on phones with 2GB of RAM. Click on the link below to download it.

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5.) Rules Of Survival

This game’s graphics are very good. It’s a game like Fortnite. This game has also been rated 4.1 on Google play store. The best feature of this game is that you get a Big map of 8×8 KM. In which 300 players are included in the match. The size of this game is around 2GB. This game will run well on phones with 3GB RAM. You can also download this game by clicking on the link given below. This is all about download link Google play store.

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So this article was about Top 5 Games Like Fortnite. Hopefully, you find this article useful and good.

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