Top 12 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone

The ongoing debate between Android and iPhone users has been heated since the advent of smartphones. While both platforms have unique strengths and weaknesses, this blog post will exclusively delve into the Top 12 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone.

With superior customization options and affordability, Android undeniably outshines its counterpart in various aspects.

Top 12 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone

1. Customization Options

One of the biggest advantages of Android is its ability to let users customize their phones. From changing the launcher to installing third-party apps, the level of customization Android offers is unmatched by any other smartphone platform.

2. More Affordable and Diverse Price Range

Android phones come in a wide range of prices, making it possible for people with different budgets to afford a high-quality smartphone. On the other hand, iPhones are notoriously expensive, putting them out of reach for a lot of people.

3. Better Screen size and Variety

Android phones come in a variety of screen sizes and types to satisfy a range of preferences. You can choose between a small, compact size or a larger screen, depending on your needs. This choice is not available with the iPhone as Apple only produces phones with a fixed screen size.

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4. Expandable Storage 

Most Android phones come with a microSD card slot, allowing users to add extra storage to their phones. With an iPhone, you’re limited to the amount of storage you have on your device and have to pay a premium for more storage.

5. Variety of Options 

There are a lot of different Android phone models available from different manufacturers, each with its unique features. This gives consumers more options to choose from, whereas with iPhones, there are only a few models available each year.

6. Choice Matters 

Android Offers it – With Android, you have a choice between different manufacturers with different designs and additional features. There are more options to choose from in terms of hardware and software than the iPhone.

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7. Google Integration 

Android is owned by Google, which means it offers better integration with Google’s suite of products. For those who use Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google products, Android offers a more seamless experience than iPhone.

8. Better Notifications 

With Android, notifications are more customizable and interactive than they are on the iPhone. Users can easily reply to messages or emails without having to leave the notification shade.

9. Headphone Jack

While Apple has famously removed the headphone jack from their newer iPhones, Android phones still offer this feature. This gives users the ability to use their preferred headphones without requiring an adapter or special AirPods.

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10. Widgets and Integration

Android users can add widgets to their home screen, giving them quick access to information without having to open an app. This feature is not available on iPhones, and many Android users swear by it.

11. Dedicated App Drawer

On Android, all apps are installed in a dedicated app drawer, making it easier to organize and find apps. On iPhones, all apps are displayed on the home screen, which can get cluttered and overwhelming.

12. Open-Source Community

The Android community is open to all, including developers. What does this mean? There are far more customizations, bug fixes, and new ROMs available to Android users. You can try and experiment with all of these features until you find the right fit.


In conclusion, although the iPhone has its strengths, the Android platform offers numerous benefits, making it a superior choice for many users. With its customization options, expandable storage, and affordable range of devices, Android remains a popular option among smartphone users.

Ultimately, the decision between Android and iPhone is a matter of personal preference. However, these 10 reasons highlight why Android stands out as the superior platform.

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