How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A25 [6 EASY WAYS]

Have you ever encountered important information on your Samsung Galaxy A25 that you want to save or share? Or run into an error message that you want to send to tech support? Taking a screenshot allows you to capture exactly what is showing on your phone’s screen, saving it as an image that you can then share or view later.

Screenshots on the Galaxy A25 are easy to take once you know the different options available. In this post, I’ll outline six simple methods to take screenshots using built-in tools on your Android phone. Whether you want to capture a full screen, snip just a portion of it, or even take screenshots remotely, your A25 has you covered.

Use the Hardware Key Combo Method

The easiest and quickest way to take a screenshot on your Galaxy A25 is by using the hardware combo method. All you need to do is:

1. Locate the Power and Volume down buttons on the right side of your phone.

2. Press and hold both buttons at the same time until you hear a shutter sound.

3. After you hear the sound, release both buttons. The screenshot will be automatically saved to the Photos app.

This key combination method lets you conveniently capture full screens without needing any additional apps or tools. As soon as you hear the shutter, whatever was active on your A25’s screen gets preserved as an image that you can share or edit. Just be careful not to cover other sensors like the fingerprint reader when pressing the button combo.

The best part is that this keyboard shortcut works from anywhere in the Android operating system and even within third-party apps. So don’t hesitate to take more screenshots as needed whenever you come across funny conversations, travel tickets, recipes, articles, and more that you want to see later or share with friends.

Use Palm Swipe to Capture

If you want an even easier way to take screenshots using just one hand, try using the Palm Swipe gesture on your Galaxy A25. Here’s how:

Take Screenshot Using Palm Swipe

1. Enable the Palm swipe to capture the setting by going into Advanced features in Settings. Turn on the toggle.

2. Whenever you want to take a screenshot, raise your hand slightly above the phone screen, then swipe your palm across the screen from one side to the other, keeping in contact with the screen.

3. The phone will make a shutter sound once it captures the screenshot after you finish the one-handed swipe gesture.

This works because your A25 smartphone comes equipped with hand gesture capabilities powered by the accelerometer in your device. Swiping your palm mimics the physical act of taking a photo with an old-school camera, triggering an instant screenshot.

Just make sure your hand remains in contact from the starting to the ending point of the swipe rather than hovering above. Practice the gesture a few times to get used to the required pressure and speed. Once mastered, palm swipe is a breeze to pull off no matter where you are or what’s on the screen – giving you a unique trick to wow friends with!

Use Smart Select to Capture a Portion

If you don’t need entire screenshots but rather just a specific portion of your Samsung Galaxy A25’s screen, the built-in Smart Select tool is perfect for snipping out sections. Here is how it works:

1. Open the notification panel by swiping down from the top of any screen. Tap on the “Smart select” option.

2. Choose one of the smart selection modes depending on your needs. The Rectangle or Freeform shapes allow highlighting a custom area to screenshot. You can also choose Oval, Animation, or Pin to screen snipping options.

3. Capture the exact portion you want by adjusting the endpoints or corners of the selection tool interface. Touch and drag until your desired section is covered. The rest will appear shaded out.

4. Tap on “Save” or “Share” to either keep the screenshot or send it off after taking the snip.

The Smart Select scissors tool essentially acts as the Galaxy A25’s version of a Snip & Sketch program. With the custom shape selector modes and share integration, you don’t need any additional apps to grab specific areas of your screen. Whether you want to save product images, and directions, or share funny messages, Smart Select takes the hassle out of partial screenshots.

Screenshot in the Photos App

The Photos app on your Samsung Galaxy A25 offers its built-in screenshot capabilities as well. This is handy for capturing exactly what you see within the app without other clutter showing up. Follow these steps:

1. Launch the Photos app and navigate to the specific picture you want to screenshot. It can be any photo or video already saved in your albums.

2. Tap on the three-dot options menu in the top right corner while viewing the file.

3. Select the “Scroll capture” option from the extended menu.

4. The phone will instantly take a screenshot of just the file or preview you were looking at. This captures only that specific photo or video frame rather than everything else showing on the screen.

The benefit of using Scroll Capture is it eliminates additional elements like the toolbar or navigation buttons, distilling the screenshot down to only the core content portion. As soon as you take the screenshot, you’ll get options to edit, share, or save the snip to your photos archive or cloud storage services.

So if you ever need to screenshot existing photos or videos – whether an old favorite, a recently clicked image, or something you want to backup from social media – use the Photos app’s integrated screenshot functions. No other steps or apps are required!

Screen Capture via Google Assistant

Don’t feel like pressing any buttons but still want to take screenshots? Just use your voice instead! The Google Assistant built into your Galaxy A25 lets you take screenshots hands-free with a simple voice command.

Here is all you need to do:

1. Make sure Google Assistant is enabled on your phone. You can swipe up from the bottom corners to access it or say “Okay Google” to launch listening mode.

2. Say out loud “Okay Google, take a screenshot” or “Hey Google, take a screenshot

3. The phone will verbally confirm it is capturing a screenshot before automatically saving it just as if you snapped one manually.

Leveraging Google Assistant voice commands enables you to take screenshots faster, keeping your hands free to continue using the phone or focus on other tasks. Since the AI assistant is always listening for the trigger phrase, you don’t need to stop what you are doing or fumble for buttons.

Just speak up whenever you come across something worth preserving. It could be while browsing social feeds, messaging friends or if you spot an app error. Google Assistant will snap and save the screen in seconds using only the power of your voice!

The screenshots even get saved to the same Photos app folder for easy access later. Give it a try next time you need a screen grab!

Use SideSync with Your PC

My last screenshot method leverages the SideSync app to remotely capture screenshots from your paired Windows PC. Here’s how:

1. Download and install SideSync both on your Galaxy A25 as well as your Windows laptop or desktop.

2. Connect both devices on the same Wi-Fi network and pair them using the on-screen calibration prompts.

3. On your PC, launch the SideSync app and it will display a live view of your phone’s screen.

4. Click on the screenshot icon in the SideSync toolbar to capture whatever is showing in the phone preview window.

SideSync essentially projects your phone wirelessly to allow control straight from your computer. This means you can take screenshots remotely without even touching your device!

The benefit of wirelessly triggering screenshots from the PC is convenience. If your phone isn’t within arm’s reach, you can still snap and save shots of the screen. SideSync also enables adjusting volume, notifications, apps, and more all without leaving your chair.

So the next time you need a screenshot but don’t feel like getting off the couch, let SideSync help remotely using your home computer instead.

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As you can see, taking screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy A25 is quick and convenient using the options built right into your phone and Android operating system.

Whether you want to capture full screens with the Power + Volume Down shortcut or just snip a portion using Smart Select, the key methods outlined allow grabbing shots with minimum clicks and taps. Features like Palm Swipe to Trigger or Screenshot via Google Assistant take it a step further for hands-free convenience too.

So next time you come across something you want to save, share or remember from your Galaxy A25’s screen, don’t hesitate use one of these screenshot tricks. They make preserving content, webpages, conversations and even errors easy anytime without the need for third-party apps.

Go ahead and take more screenshots to enhance productivity or just capture hilarious instances to share with friends and family. Your A25 smartphone has all the tools you need built right in!

And that’s a wrap on 6 easy ways to take and master screenshots on your new Samsung Galaxy A25 phone! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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