How To Reset Apple ID Password | Unlock Apple ID From PC [2019]

How To Reset Apple ID Password | Unlock Apple ID From PC [2019]

Hello, this is Vinay and today I have something very interesting for you. In today’s article, I have come with a very important Tutorial.

So, if you have forgotten the password of your Apple ID and are searching How To Reset Apple ID Password? So you have come to the right place.

In this post, I have explained to you in Detail How to forgot apple id password.

About Reset Apple ID Password

If you sell your old iPhone and you buy a new iPhone And if you can not remember the Apple ID password. In this situation, you can change your Apple ID password with your phone number or your old iPhone, but you do not have a trusted phone number or a trusted phone.

So in this situation, let’s see how she could reset her Apple ID Password, and you want me to reset my Apple ID password, then you will read this post till the end.

Today’s post, Forgot Apple Id Password without any Trusted phone number and Trusted device? So let’s talk about it

How To Reset Macbook/PC Users

Steps For Resetting Your Apple ID Password 

1.) First, you have to go to the website in your browser

2.) After that, you have to enter your Apple ID. Then you have to Click Continue

3.) Now you have to Enter your phone number which you associate in two-factor authentication when you created an Apple ID.even if you don’t have access to the phone numbers anymore so just type in a phone number. After that, you just have to click on the Continue.

Now it says, a Notification has been sent to your iPhone so that you will be able to finish your password reset process. But in our case, we do not have access to the phone number, and we do not have access to the old iPhone.

4.) So you have to click on this option “Don’t have access to your iPhone

Then you will get three new options, in which the first option would be to say that if you have signed the same Apple ID in any of your Apple devices, then you can do it. What we Don’t have.

The secondary option one is to use find my iPhone app on your friends or Relatives member iPhone to reset your password which will have the same results as we are on to get on this website.

The third option is the same as the second option, it asks to go to Apple Store, buy an iOS device and again use find my device to reset your apple id password.

So let’s assume that we do not have any ios devices Around.

5.) So now you have to click on “Can’t get to another device”

6.) After that you will receive a message, you should read it carefully. It says that you do not have any iOS device, you can easily reset your Apple ID password but you will need to provide some additional information for your identity.

After that Apple will verify your identity, then Apple will help you reset your password. Just click on Continue Anyway.

7.) Now again it shows your phone number related to this Two-factor authentication. Now again it shows your phone number related to two-factor authentication. But in our case we do not have access to that phone number, then you have to click on “don’t have access to the numbers“.

8.) Now you can add a new number, then you will have the two options of verifying “text message and phone call“, you can select the option. Just now you have to click continue.

Keep in mind that the number you have entered should be accessible to you because the OTP will be sent to that number, you will put OTP and click on the continue.

Just your Apple ID password will reset, a link will be sent to you to reset the password from apple so that you can reset your password.

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So this article was about How To Reset Apple ID Password. Hopefully, you find this article useful and good. And if you have any questions related to this article, then you can ask me in the comment section.i will reply to your comment. Also, make sure to share this article on social media platforms.

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