How to Know JioFi Password with TWO EASY WAYS!

Hello, there today in this article I will be showing you How To Know JioFi Password.

In the previous article, I have shown you How To Check JioFi Data Balance?. If you have not read this post, you can read it.

Jio is a very popular internet service and telecom company in India. Jio offers 4G internet plans/packs and services at very affordable prices. So, if you are searching for a How to Know JioFi Password then you have come to the right place.

About JioFi Portable WiFi HotsPot

Know JioFi Password

Reliance JioFi is a small device that fits in your pocket and is a 4G network-powered Wi-Fi network that you can connect to your phone, laptop, and other devices.

This device helps to digitalize your home and is also portable that you can keep in your pocket and carry your connection with you when you get out.

Also, the good thing is if Your mobile phone does not support 4G, yet you will be able to enjoy Jio’s network and 4G speed with the help of Reliance JioFi.

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Nowadays, many people who do not have 4G mobile, take JioFi but they do not know the data usage and plan validity of that JioFi.

So in today’s post, the methods that I have told you, you will be able to know about the data usage and plan validity of JioFi from your laptop or desktop and your Android phone.

Two Ways to Know Your JioFi Password

Method 1: How to Check JioFi Password

Step 1. First, open JioFi Back Cover.

Step 2. The Words After ”PWD:______ is your JioFi Password.

Method 2: Check JioFi Password

Step 1. First, connect your device to JioFi through wifi and using the “PWD” given behind your JioFi.

When you want to connect to JioFi, you will be asked for a security key, you have to use “PWD” as a security key on the back of your JioFi device.

Step 2. Once connected to JioFi, you have to search http://jiofi.local.html from your browser.

Keep in mind that you have access to the above website when connected to your JioFi.

Step 3. Log in with the ”Administrator” as a username and password to access the website homepage.

Step 4. After login, go to the Setting>>Network>>Wifi Settings.

Then your password will be written in the network key, which you can also change.

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